GÉANT Intranet Fundamentals E-Learning Course

The GÉANT Intranet is a collaborative working tool. It offers the advantages of the interim wiki, plus more. For example, the Intranet gives every project participant access to document management functionality, allowing you to check documents out for editing and automatically saving a version history. It also gives you the ability to use online discussion forums and save meeting information. There are also integrated wikis - one for each activity, task and sub-task.

You can learn about the Intranet from the comfort of your desk by following the GÉANT Intranet Fundamentals e-learning course. The objectives of the course are for you to be able to:

- Describe the advantages of using the GÉANT Intranet.
- Work with documents and understand versioning.
- Use the Intranet's wikis.
- Understand how to record information about meetings.
- Use other GÉANT Intranet functionality.

The course is divided into a number of modules. Each module lasts between three and twenty-five minutes and is linked below. You can follow the modules one after another, or do them as you need them. Turn up the audio on your computer so that you can hear the narration; if necessary, plug-in some headphones, and click the links below:

Please be aware that the Intranet is going live in phased groups of activities.